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Dinas Powys Primary School Croeso

Internet Safety

Advice for Parents and Children


  1. Use internet filtering software.
  2. Check out what child protection services your Internet Service Provider (ISP) offers.
  3. Keep the computer in a communal area of the house, where it's easier to monitor what your children are viewing.
  4. Tell children not to give out their personal details. If they want to subscribe to any services online, make up a family email address to receive the mail. 
  5. Children love to chat to friends, but make sure they only use moderated chat rooms and encourage them to introduce you to their online friends. 
  6. Encourage your children to tell you if they feel uncomfortable, upset or threatened by anything they see online. 
  7. Involve your children in writing your own family code of acceptable internet use. Remember that what's acceptable for a teenager isn't necessarily OK for a primary school-aged child, so get their input. 
  8. Surf together. Go online with your children and become part of their online life. The key to safe surfing is communication.

Safer Internet Day

'Together for a Better Internet' 11th February 2020

ESafety is very important within our school. It is taught to, and discussed with the children, as part of both our Computing and PSHE curriculum. The involvement of parents is very important part in educating our children on using the Internet both carefully and sensibly. Click on the links for ideas of how to talk to your children about E Safety.

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